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Pulse Oximetry Testing In The Nursing Home Patient

Pulse Oximetry testing in the Nursing Home Patient

cta3In the nursing home, Pulse oximetry testing is commonly used  to assess patients’ oxygenation status, especially especially status post hospitalization. The results are often used as the base on when to notify the physician to avoid urgent situations medically for senior patients.

Often, physicians will monitor and give orders to make adjustments based on the pulse oximetry results which often results in more support in the nursing home versus hospitalization for closer monitoring.

Finding the best equipment for pulse oximetry monitoring is one of our strong points here at Vitalmedix. Our commitment to excellence in our products for out in the field is what we are proud to share.

VitalMedix provides a unique bundle that consists of state-of- the-art vital signs monitoring with the latest technology in diabetes management to long-term care providers. We can provide you this terrific package while reducing your current budget for medical supplies and increasing the efficiency of your personnel.

  • Lower cost hospital-grade vital signs monitoring
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced costs
  • Peace of mind from precision equipment

For a consultation for your institution please contact us:

2750 – 113th Street, Suite #300 Grand Praire, Tx 75050
Tel. 866.322.4862 • Fax 817.861.9476

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